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I Crack Myself Up. Laughter, even when self-inflicted, is the greatest cure of them all.

A primate's laugh
September 27, 2008
Yesterday at work, I walked out of the office and bumped into a thin man who looked rather lost. He was wearing a business suit, carried a leather case and hesitated in front of...
All of us sleepers must awaken
August 24, 2008
ICMU, Schtroumpfissime
My favourite blog recently talked about the Evil Corn Giant and corn-fed beef. It got me thinking about the Meatrix, which I hadn't watched in a while. So I decided to post the...
Raccoon story
July 27, 2008
I wasn't always Bushytail Gonzales. My real name is Joe. I do my best to forget about that, it's so lame. But once upon a time when I was a very frisky young raccoon, full of...
Cheering up!
July 16, 2008
These were taken far away, deep down, long ago and out of sight. But they still make me laugh, when...
Flan pâtissier - Update
July 6, 2008
ICMU, Reviews
Bon, 'faut pas craquer, je m'applique. Having not yet achieved the results I was hoping for, which would be nothing short of "divine perfection", I am still regularly...