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Amazing, strange or funny stuff – If it impresses me or makes my jaw drop, it fits here.

Culinarily thinking
May 14, 2008
Cool, Vancouver
Or better said, thinking with my stomach. Since it seems to be politically correct to do so, here are two of my recent crushes. First, there's the mighty So.Cial sandwich, 2...
17 long minutes
May 2, 2008
All right, all bitching and joking aside, oxygen or not, on TV or in his bathroom, watched by Oprah or his cat, he still did it. Se-ven-teen minutes and four seconds! Without...
Bits and pieces for the masses
April 19, 2008
Bits and pieces, Cool, Web site news
Of the many web thinggies keeping me interested in my screen these days, worth mentioning are the following:Firefox remains at the top of the pack, slick, fast, free, efficient...
Stumbling upon cool stuff
March 15, 2008
Bits and pieces, Cool
Once in a while, to change the routine or take a break from intense photo or design work, I'll allow myself to Stumble for a while. Here are a few interesting sites discovered...
Hybrid cars: the future is today
March 13, 2008
Bits and pieces, Cool, Reviews
When I was a very small boy, my parents had on the shelves on their library a few issues of a hybrid, a cross between a book and a magazine called Planète. Of Planète, I...
December 26, 2007
It was born in the streets of France. It's strange. It's cool. It's dangerous. It's extremely impressive. And even the new James Bond endorses it. Don't think so? Think again....