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Le bon vieux temps
December 19, 2007
This is for my super sister, found par hasard on YouTube, reminder that we were once young in a wonderful land, each with our dreams and heroes, and if our classics have in time...
The Seawall reopens
November 19, 2007
Two days ago, almost a year after an unprecedented storm devastated Stanley Park, the entire Seawall was reopened to the public. It will have taken all this time to restore the...
Living the Livable Life, Live...
April 4, 2007
Cool, Vancouver
It was in the newspaper; Vancouver has once again been ranked third most livable city worldwide in a 2007 Mercer survey, ex-equo with Vienna. The first and second positions went...
Visual riddle
December 8, 2006
Today’s post is a riddle. Here are close-up pictures of one of the most beautiful rare gems known to man. It can be sculpted but will easily crumble.Its beauty can be...
Winter Sky in Vancouver
November 20, 2006
Cool, Vancouver
Up at 5:00 am this morning, I decided to head out to work early and develop a few pictures while having a coffee at Waves on Richards (they boil filtered water and the NTU...