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Category: Airborne

The Flying Years - Part II
August 2, 2015
Airborne, Stories
It is unlikely that I have ever dedicated a post to anybody other than Marie and a big black cat—except a manuscript, of course, which was dedicated to the late...
Aerial View Of...
June 13, 2015
Airborne, On the road
Those of you with a certain nationality are automatically disqualified. The rest can play and guess what and where this structure is... Toy world I once more apologize for...
Airborne, YUL-LGA
March 7, 2015
Airborne, New York, On the road
Being more accustomed to transcontinental flights these days - the long-haul, settle-in, find your sweet spot and economize patience and energy, ocean-facing departures, high...
Aerial Thoughts, Lost in the View
December 27, 2014
Airborne, South Africa
A bump. Just a bit above the equator, we were skimming the coast of Liberia at thirty-eight thousand feet. It was a precocious two thirty in the morning, Cape Town time....
Missing the Skies
July 11, 2014
Airborne, New York, Vancouver
It is no secret that the sky is where I long to be, airborne, aloft, high. But this is not another rant about how much I miss flying. It is much more simple, yet infinitely...