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Having spent 15 years of my life diving my way around the world’s oceans, I now have sea water in my veins and long for the soothing sound of bubbles. And there is fresh water out there too.

A Cruise Ship Medley
July 26, 2012
Hydrosphere, New York, Photoblogs
New York is mostly-water and all-glamour. No matter where one stands in the city, there is a patch of water in sight or not very far. So given the prestige surrounding a visit...
Maritime Quiz
July 15, 2012
Hydrosphere, New York
She's 1,132 feet long and 135 feet wide, her draft is that of a three-storey building plunged upside down into the water. With 17 decks, she is only 70 feet shorter than the...
Two Bridges Across the East River
January 4, 2012
Hydrosphere, New York, Photoblogs
Being hardcore Brooklynites, Marie and I have a hard time admitting that anywhere else in New York can match our views, our parks and our waterfront. Looking back at the Lower...
November 7, 2011
Cayman Islands, Hydrosphere, Sketches & Cartoons
As I was going through very old folders of picture after picture this week-end, sick and weak and unfocused, I came across these rather silly images dating back to the Little...
New York City from a Whale's Perspective
October 9, 2011
Hydrosphere, New York, Photoblogs
'twas the beginning of October. The American Princess was doing her last whale watching cruise of the season, in hopes of ending a run of bad luck seemingly associated with the...