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Category: Flora

Inspired by Marie, a new retroactive category for all things floral and fresh

Kirstenbosch Flowers
February 24, 2015
Flora, South Africa
These were taken last December, during a ritual visit to Kirstenbosch which is located just a stone's throw away when we are at home in Constantia, South Africa. In the...
Inbound Flower
July 26, 2014
Always, Flora, South Africa
Through highs and lows, heat, wind and shaky watering, the terrace is growing lusher by the minute. A couple of days from now, Marie will be flying home from Cape Town, leaving...
Monochrome Beauty
July 13, 2014
Flora, Macro, New York
I will soon return to color but flowers have so much more than tones going for them; shapes, shades, textures - at times desaturation helps me find the essential,...
Cape Point Blank - Part 2
January 26, 2014
Flora, Photoblogs, South Africa
[This is part 2 of 2] They did come back in an African summer that was their winter. While New York shrank and shivered in a cold early December, they flew south again and landed...
Cape Point Blank - Part 1
January 18, 2014
Flora, Photoblogs, South Africa
Strong of a picnic, four cameras, a SANParks family pass, some time to kill and much freedom to spend, they left the plush Constantia neighborhood under hesitant weather, steering...