Adash from Brooklyn into Manhattan’s Chinatown proper, ignoring Queen’s Flushing and the southern Sunset Park areas, always seems to funnel us towards Dim Sum Go Go

There we feast for a bargain, the famous XO sauce throning at the table like an old ally. The beer is Chinese, the service blunt and dishes are ordered by putting check-marks on a photocopied menu with a short pencil as if playing bingo. The fish and crab tank has been empty for many moons and a heteroclite, cosmopolitan and definitely atypical crowd besieges the place. Still. The food is true to itself, always great and simple.

And then there are the streets. Never a dull moment. Colors clash, smells collide and sounds roll and peak.

Getting ready at Dim Sum Go Go
Legend and…
The losers
Selling Chinatown by the Pound
Best of the best
Tea for two
A book on my mind