Nope, it’s not over yet. Far from it. An angry winter is still raging over Vancouver  and this afternoon, yet another windstorm brought the bad news much closer to home. Too close for comfort, actually, but in the end, we were amazingly lucky. It must have happened around 15:00, time at which I believe the winds were gusting between 80 and 90 km/h. In any case, when I got back home around 17:30, the damage was done. The biggest tree in the garden, which happens to be the biggest in the neighborood too, had fallen down.

Now notice how lucky we were in our bad luck: the whole thing looks like a precision drop. A little to the right and the street was blocked. A little to the left and it came down on the house. The other way and the power would have gone out for an entire street. Or a car could have been parked underneath. Still, it’s a very sad end for such a beautiful tree. What a winter!