We are now in the final stages of a multiple countdown, the three main features of which being a trip (ours) to the antipodes, an interview (hers) with the foreign powers that be, and the launch of the (read "thee") new-born web site (mine). The former is due in a few weeks, the latter might conclude as soon as this week-end, depending on how little sleep I get and how many bugs I manage to squash on my way there. And the middle one, more formidable still than its peers, will happen in between.

For the web site, a new domain has been registered, files are flying back and forth, settings are duplicated, the database soon will be transferred. Well no, in fact I hope to leave it as is, since I haven’t changed hosts. As soon as I can configure my silly ftp program to stop changing the capital letters in file names, I’ll be on my way to success.

As far as the trip goes, more about it later. Incredible generosity, much luck, hard work and sacrifices were involved into making it happen. Some extraordinary ideas are emerging and will be worth looking into.To be continued.

Of the third feature, I shall not say much, not wanting to jinx it. Let’s just admit fingers are crossed very hard, the odds are in our favor and it’s looking pretty good!