Or better said, thinking with my stomach. Since it seems to  be politically correct to do so, here are two of my recent crushes. First, there’s the mighty So.Cial sandwich, 2 minutes from work. You pick: a quarter of a sandwich for $6 or a full one for $12. You get a bag of free homemade chips to help you wait for your turn to call out your choice of ingredients. "For here or to go?", you will be asked. If it’s to go, be ready drag it back out. Theirs are the biggest sandwiches I have ever seen.

Then there’s the ever-famous coconut bun from Victoria’s Frank’s Honeybun Cafe.

To get these buns, one has to leave Vancouver behind, ride a bus for hours, then a ferry for more hours and another bus, still. And there they are, on a small downtown street – often sold out, the word has gone around. But they are unmatched in the Lower Mainland. Unmatched. And I mean it!