I was recently sorting out images for non-blog-related purposes and spent a whole day flipping through the virtual pages of my meticulously archived pictures, month after month of year after year…

The following were dug out RAW of dusty folders and re-developed with the much improved algorithms of Lightroom 4, which I adore. They are never-before-seen images, at least in their current rendering.

It’s interesting to see how, while the pixels remain unchanged, vision and technique evolve with time… As always, click on any image to see it in full-size.

English Bay evening, the Seawall, Stanley Park, Vancouver BC
Balancing act isolated by a rising tide, the Seawall, Vancouver BC
Coal Harbour in the golden hour, Vancouver BC
Building me a fence, Building me a home *
Blue heron feasting, Vancouver BC
A herd of hartebeests, Mountain Zebra National Park, South Africa
Cape dwarf chameleon, Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa

* Did anybody get it?