Here are, in no particular order, pictures of a recent past that have been sitting in a folder waiting to be published. They show how disconnected I am right now. They’re not even that good. The subjects might be, though. I mentioned in my last post the doubts I am having about the whole blogging process. You don’t have to read on, I’m posting this for myself. These shots make me think. And dream. They remind me of an elusive reality which I am trying hard to materialize these days.

We begin not in Camargue or Greece but Knysna, South Africa.

Then, it’s Park Slope, at the end of a botanical afternoon.

Back to South Africa, somewhere in the Karoo…

Then New York again. If there’s a red phone for presidential emergencies, this must be the yellow phone behind the yellow line for those who have the blues…

But then again, the best remedy to the blues is exercise, no matter where the gym is located. Here, the yellow line of a garbage court of the NYC City Hall. Notice how happy the subject looks. That’s thanks to Momofuku’s Nigori.

Next, botanists obviously have a sense of humor. Interrupted growth? Where is the fern?

But someone has to photograph those rarities. With passion.

Passion being what drives one human up the Skeleton Gorge ladders and a few dogs to the slopes of Table Mountain and Silvermine.

Those are Gin & Tonic cups, by the way.

But the view is usually worth it.

So having sweated all the way up, one decides to freshen up.

Back in New York again, blissful flower bath. And the sweetest picture taken by a very willing butcher in his own store, at his own request – but he must have had a background in tourism.