Who needs them? as would say Estorbo. Granted, it’s not like me to post about dogs. But these ones are special. They are therapy dogs. The two corgis dispense good vibes like the sun its rays on a beautiful spring day. And they live in a special place, with special people. ‘Bottom line is, we love them to bit(e)s.

On the day these pictures were taken in Hout Bay, near Cape Town, the dogs were joined by many of their kind. We carried plastic bags – need I say more? It’s a dog beach. Ours are called Maggie, Ted (aka Teddy Boy) and Ben. Each one has its routine. Ben, the big black  lab, is after the ball no matter where it goes. He likes water but he’s old and we have to restrain him most of the time otherwise he starts limping like me after a long run. Maggie, the bi-color corgi, is obsessed with the ball provided is stays where she can stand. She doesn’t like deep water. But she’s a cousin of the Energizer rabbit and she goes, and goes and goes… Incredible stamina in such a small package. Ted, the other corgi and her brother, couldn’t care less about the ball. He’s a thinker. And he thinks about Ben, if you catch my drift. He likes to bite his neck.

So when the ball is thrown, here’s the chain of events: Marie cocks the ball launcher. Maggie starts running in the estimated direction of the throw. The ball is launched. Ben follows. Maggie is already at full speed and barely touching the ground. Her legs are moving so fast that they vanish and she seems to float above the sand like a UFO. Ted launches after Ben’s neck or ears. Ben ignores him with stoic disdain because he’s so small and caterpillar-like. Maggie reaches the ball, traveling at light speed. She kicks reverse thrust in. Ben is huffing and puffing somewhere behind her. Ted has given up because Ben’s neck was running along with Ben and following them was tiring. He thinks it’s a dog’s life. Everybody comes back and regroups. If Maggie drops the ball at our feet for another throw, Ben steals it and refuses to give it back. Ted nibbles hopefully on Ben’s lowest ear but without the run it’s not as much fun. Maggie expects. Ben chews on a mixture of sand, sea water and ball. Ted gets bored, smells the carcass of a dead seal, finds it and decides to roll in it. So to support him, Ben makes us use our plastic bag.

Sigh. You gotta love cats! ;-)