This will conclude my unrelated, without-a-point, off-the-record series of posts with a Sergio Leone title. One scratches an itch.

Not being ready to proceed with Kruger images, I’ve stepped aside and had fun with bird pictures taken in the Constantia garden.

Both sexes of amethyst sunbirds conducting a negotiation

There will be many impressive, strange and colorful birds in the posts to come, yet these small regulars of the home garden are somehow more fun. They are cute, seemingly friendly, visit in all seasons, and while summertime allows us to have breakfast with them out on the terrace, the winter rain and chill often forces Marie and me to watch from the sun room over coffee and rusks.

I’ll be airborne tomorrow back to the States, straddling a vast ocean in my retreat from the Old to the New, from wilderness to over-design, from a dream-filled nap to a perpetual waking sprint. See you on the other side.

Granola breakfast for the waxbills
Male sunbird
Sunbirds and a white-eye
Duck, you suckers!