The dice have been thrown. I am officially homeless and unemployed. Scary void, extraordinary freedom. I have music playing very loud, shielding me from the unforgiving world out there with a blanket of sounds and lyrics, for a while longer.

People smile and stare, my journey has become strange to them for they are unwilling to lower their own guard and must keep up with the pointless race, day after day. C’est chacun pour soi et dieu pour tous, après tout.

Hours pass between empty walls that in turn collapse towards me and expend to the distant horizon. But soon motion will prevail and the island will spit me out with relief, like a way-too-invasive seed to be planted somewhere else.

Remember when we found misery,
We watched her, watched her spread her wings,
And slowly, slowly fly around our room,
And she asked for your gentle mind…
Misery is a butterfly,
Her heavy wings will warp your mind…

Blonde Redhead, Misery is a Butterfly