Another year has gone by. Another year of global fear and meltdown, another chapter full of international typos and fighting between the lines. Another long page written in bloody history books which for only index feature those lifted up high by tyrants and blatantly missing a negotiation table.

One never ceases to be amazed, reading mankind’s virtual history book, by its complete lack of creativity. At any point in time, we can flip back the pages from the present to a near or very distant past and realize that no matter how horrible the battle, it’s all been done before.

For the second time in our little world’s recorded existence has the dominant species acquired the ability to destroy itself and take the planet along too. Man-caused global warming has now joined nuclear science in a very select club with only global killers for members.

But our micro-scale performance is just as catastrophic. We kill children to kill time. We steal from the poor because it’s less expensive than stealing from the rich. We blame it all on others because they blame it on US. We sue, and we rule, and we envy, and we take, and we break, and we rape, and we crash, and we shoot, and we spit, and we yell, and we fight, and we reign, and we segregate, and we sermonize, and we swear, and we grab, and we sell, and we buy, and we consume, and we waste, and we never, ever learn.

So with Christmas just around the corner and the New Year only a block away, I don’t even know where to start with my wish list.

May mankind finally awake from an all-too-real millennium-long nightmare that has left our knees week and our head under the blade. May the global suffering be eased a little, and then, why not, a lot. May politicians become obsolete and let the world be ruled by cats and dolphins. We’ll get lots of sleep, playing, and swimming.

And thanks for all the fish.