For the first time since I willingly got in bed with Google, signed up for multiple services and opted to surf the wave along with most of the world, I am really fed up with them and their stupid SERP relevance algorithms. After months of struggle to recover from a devastating spamming attack and a domain name change, I still haven’t managed to even get back to a modest level where I would rank first (or even just high) for keywords that are basically my own content.

Come on, we’re talking exclusive content here, not highly challenged keywords. So when I search for my own blog’s name or specifically published content and Google decides that other sites mentioning it are more relevant than my original site, I want to puke. It’s like Google saying "Never mind the source and the facts, here are links to people and places we think are cool because they are linked to by so many other cool people and places, and who talk about or link to the content you searched for."

How the bloody hell can another web site including a blog’s name or quoting it be more relevant to a visitor than the quoted blog itself? Easy. Google has gotten lost in its quest for truth and become blinded by traffic and links. Its ugly headless crawling machine now thinks that if a site’s traffic and reciprocal linking are high, the content matters.

So a blog post that I have written myself and is my own intellectual property becomes more relevant when quoted, mentioned or linked to out of context by an external web site with better ranking. How fucked up is that?

I’m not asking for the moon. But the name of the blog you are reading right now exists nowhere else in the universe. It is unique – and probably also boring as hell. But still, I’d expect a Google search for it to rightfully point here first before sending the unsuspecting visitor to some crappy aggregator site blindly listing blogs in an obvious quest for traffic. Google, if you’re listening, at this stage you suck!