UPDATE: Funny how the most important factors manage to avoid detection. As Marie just pointed it out, referenced by my “Related Post” listing at the bottom of each entry and adding much depth and incredible karma to what follows, make sure when you’re done here to read a 2009 post about my first 21st century visit to Harlem here.

A small step as far as NYC is concerned, one giant leap for us three.

This is a non-post.  Our Cobble Hill retreat, home for years to 66 Square Feet and my first residence in the – currently shut down – United States, is no more.

Marie and I, pushed and pulled by tides much stronger than our own will, have drifted north some 12 miles, hopping islands and migrating for better and worse to the ever-famous while still infamous neighborhood of Harlem.

Well, I like to think of us as globe-trotters. Ants in our pants. I can foresee much more trotting. This is just another step on our way from here to there. Where there never materializes. It just keeps teasing us.

Internet access has not yet been re-activated here and I am posting this from a laptop tethered to my phone’s data plan.

Stay tuned. One last Slingshot to Kruger post to come, along with more South Africa pictures, an update on the upcoming VMP Fine Art print shop, and more.

If we can just find our way through piles of boxes. Now, was the Power Cord packed along with the Pepper, in the P box, or was it stored with Pants, or even with Perishables?