I came, I saw, I photographed.

It was Minnesota. Duluth turned out to be an interesting little town, and Lake Superior really is, well, superior. Especially discovered at the hands of a superior tour guide, listening to Coldplay and Keane. The month was extremely fun and went by so fast I’m still dizzy.

And now I’m back in Quebec. Time to address part 2 of the Big Move. Getting a life. ;-)

I‘ve also resumed playing with my toys, and the photo I’m posting today is the result of my newest discovery. It’s a satellite view of the very café I’m writing this from, obtained with the help of Goggle’s quite amazing Keyhole. They have the whole world mapped out in satellite views, with various degrees of resolution depending on the area’s relative importance; the resolution ranges from impressive to stunning. A yearly subscription is necessary but I find the result fascinating and well worth it.


Like I said, me and my toys…

(As always, click on the picture to enlarge)