Here’s a funny commercial for the new Citroën C4, using urban Vancouver scenery. It is filmed from the top of the post office building and clearly visible in the background are the north shore mountains, the BC Hydro building, the Holy Rosary Cathedral and… the Harbour Centre tower.

Citroën is a FRENCH company. Througout their history they’ve made some of the most innovative cars in ther world. They were world leaders in aerodynamics decades before that became fashionable, world leaders in front-wheel drive decades before THAT became fashionable, and world leaders in active suspension (which is only now becoming fashionable). Sadly, none of that saved them from financial problems which led to their being bought by Peugeot, so there’s little reason to hope for anything special from them again. But in their day they were marvellous. They made cars with self-levelling hydropneumatic suspensions (that could lift up one tire for changing without needing a jack), and headlights that steered into curves, in the nineteen-sixties.

[Quoted from a comment to the original Urban Vancouver post]