My Google Wave invites have just been replenished. I’ve got a few to give away if you are interested. Just ask very nicely. A thoughtful comment would be nice. Or some barter exchange. A script. A piece of software. I don’t know. Surprise me.

Update 5: No more invites available for the time being, I’ll wait until the ones I sent have been activated, which hasn’t happened yet. I guess the latest wave (pardon the pun) of invites released to current users overwhelmed the team. Be patient, they will arrive…

On a different topic, I am now running Windows 7 and enjoying it very much so far.

Update 4: Still looking for a deal on Windows 7, 32 bit Home Premium… Any students out there not needing to upgrade or blessed with a Mac?

Update 3: Patience everyone, none of the invites I sent have been processed yet. As I said, it might take a few days. You’ll get an email from wave-noreply with the subject "Your invitation to preview Google Wave". Make sure to check your spam folder as some people have reported finding that email in the spam…

Update 2: Those of you who have already received my invite are welcome to drop me a wave for testing purposes…
vmounier ( a t ) googlewave ( d o t ) com

Update: Ok, invites are going fast, so I’m going to up the game a bit. I’d really like to upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. If anybody can get me a good deal, there’s still an invite waiting. ;-)

For lack investigating time, I can’t say I’ve played with Google Wave much since its limited release a few weeks ago. I would describe Wave as a fusion of email, chat, social networking and online cooperation tool. It retains Gmail’s famous conversation-based style and indeed, like Gmail years ago, it is being made available as a beta to a select crowd via an invite-led viral campaign.

I’m not much of social networking freak myself, so my testing of Wave will be aleatory. I wish it was somehow integrated with Gmail, which would in my eyes make it much more useful. Still, Google is storming the web with cloud applications and communications tools, and with Google Voice having just been launched and the Chrome OS soon to follow, one can be sure that Wave fits snugly into a grand scheme that would, and probably will, consecrate Google as the leading worldwide online player.