2009 Update: Behind the scenes, I have since then replaced Lightbox with ShadowBox, even cooler, highly customizable and allowing me to serve you not only images but other content too, including HTML. On this post, for example, it handles both the images and the links which were previously handled by Greybox. Try it out!

It seems that at least half of this blog’s entries are photo posts. So.

Introducing the brilliant Lightbox JS v. 2.0 script. From now on, your life has been made easier and the viewing of photos is even more fun. As before, you have the option of clicking on any of the images embedded in my posts to view them full size.

But they will now be "overlayed" by Lightbox JS on top of the temporarily grayed-out blog page. There are a few major advantages to this new functionality:

  • There no longer is a need to reload the whole blog page after clicking on an image;
  • The photos now appear in a slideshow-like fashion; all the images on a post are linked together so that one can actually view them all in sequence rather than having to browse down the page;
  • Photos can now all have a caption;
  • The new look is very cool!

So cool in fact it might eventually replace my main photo gallery script. But in the meantime, why not give it a try? Hovering the mouse over the image makes the navigation controls appear if there are more than one image in the post (click on the left image area or keyboard P = previous; click on the right image area or keyboard N = next). Just hit the Close X button to return to your reading.

So click on the pictures below and enjoy! And stay tuned for the next photo post: The Vertical Dancers.