It’s 2:30 am. All cats are gray and people are few. The streets are wet and shiny from hours of rain, but for the time being only a fine mist fills the air; it feels almost as being inside a cloud. Speaking of which, the clouds drawn on the horizon by city lights of different color temperatures are quite eerie. I decide to interrupt my walk on the Seawall and run back home to get the camera.

Here is what I record. No, these are not sunset or sunrise shots, nor are they daytime trick shots. They were really taken at 2:45 am on a dark rainy night, with exposure times ranging from 1:30 to 3:00 minutes and their white-balance adjusted to the left to offset the orange cast of my auto setting. Once again, I am reminded of how much light exists out there at night, invisible to our imperfect eyes but very real nonetheless, casting shadows and highlighting new colors in a parallel world made of time and patience.