This quaint little fishing town on the inside of the Cape Peninsula is home to the Almighty Harbour House restaurant, the more modest Olympia  Cafe and its fantastic – if rare – polenta, and a small lighthouse at the end of the port’s jetty that has been known to throw waves up in the air to incredible heights. Every establishment – and probably every soul – in Kalk Bay has a picture of some gigantic wave crashing on the pier and exploding upwards.

But it can also be quiet and sunny, the seas calm and crowds lazy, and there are few places with better a daily supply of fresh fish. Sea lions Cape fur seals know this and hang out underneath the hull of fishing vessels, going through the jetty via an invisible hole and occasionally getting their dinner for tricks.

This man was looking either suspiciously or very purposefully at the latest catch, in this case a row of  snoeks, the very fish at the base of South Africa’s fantastic snoek paté.

How far this all seems, right now. And how rare.