UPDATE: I have now fixed all these issues and things should be back to normal.

UPDATE: The slideshows now work, but in two separate sections for each post. The images within the text are in one slideshow, thumbnails in a grid at the bottom are in another. That’s just for now.

The latest WordPress update to version 3.6 has rightfully implemented support for jQuery 1.10 but by doing so, crippled many plugins which used a jQuery version checking syntax that seemed to only allow checking for 1.x but not 1.xx.

Until this has been solved, there will be a few issues with user experience on Coriolistic Anachronisms. When clicking on a photo, instead of the usual overlay slideshow, you will get either a single image displayed on a new page without navigation capability, or an alternate slideshow.

Similarly, the Ajax comment display at the bottom of a post has stopped working. You can still get to the comments by clicking on the comment link at the top of a post.

The beautiful slides at the top of Featured sections are also broken.

In most cases, the plugin authors will have to update their scripts, since this is not a WordPress issue. However I wish this had come up in beta testing and pushed developers to anticipate and pro-actively update their code.

Thank you for your patience!