)arrow It took me 10 years! 520 weeks to finally snap out of a glazed stupor that had me convinced Internet Explorer was the ne plus ultra of browsers. Micro$oft does such a great job at controlling the market that they had me controlled too. But no longer.

I am now happily – and safely – and freely – surfing at the wheel of my freshly updated Firefox 1.0. The new Mozilla little browser, I mean brother, has managed to conquer my trust in just a few days. Granted, I’d had it installed for a long time, using it to test for compatibility. But I had not yet given it a real test drive.

My attention was tickled by the growing number of posts, blogs and pages relating to Firefox. Opinions seemed unanimously favorable, so I went along. No regrets!

One of the main claims of Firefox defenders is its considerable level of security compared to that of Internet Explorer. That remains, in my case, to be proven; but I must admit that the rate at which Micro$oft publishes security patches for IE in a never ending effort to fill gaping holes tends to make the newcomer’s case. )tongue

However it’s the feel and looks that got me hooked. Firefox is fast. It’s slick. It’s highly configurable. It’s skinable. It blocks popups. It allows tabbed browsing. It incorporates a multi-search engine toolbar. It features a very impressive bookmark system that can be exported into an HTML file (and even uploaded to a server) in a breeze. It has an extremely convenient