Just back from the theatre.

Rarely do I jump on the computer to write a blog post as soon as I get back home, but… Yeah, I mean except on Fridays and Mondays, and Thursdays and Tuesdays. And on Saturdays too. And on most Wednesdays and Thursdays. Any way.

Thanks to Eva at work, I had the opportunity tonight to go see an advance screening of the upcoming movie Little Miss Sunshine. Wow. Arrived with in a bad mood, came this close to giving my ticket away to any one and leaving when I saw the line-up, didn’t expect much from the flick at all. Ended up joining the crowd’s applauds at the end.

The plot is simple. A totally dysfunctional family embarks on a road trip from Albuquerque to California in order for the daughter to enter a beauty pageant. The brother, inspired by Nietzche, has made a vow of silence until he successfully joins the Air Force. The gay uncle has just committed a suicide attempt and cannot be left alone. The grandpa swears like a street kid and is addicted to porn and drugs. The dad is unsuccessfully trying to get his 9-steps success method published. The slightly neurotic mom does her best to keep everybody together. And the daughter glides through all the chaos with a child’s innocence.

Put them all aboard an old Volkswagen minibus without a clutch that needs to be pushed to start in third gear, add a tight deadline, throw in some excellent acting, great music and you’ve got a recipe for quite a funny ride.

The movie is quite human despite all the laughs and the hilarious finale, at the same time dark and light, serious and innocent, morbid and casual. It reminded me a little of Lasse Hallström’s movies, but funnier and more outrageous. It’ll be out soon. Give it a try…