It was in the newspaper; Vancouver has once again been ranked third most livable city worldwide in a 2007 Mercer survey, ex-equo with Vienna. The first and second positions went to Zürich and Geneva, just like last year.

It’s obvious that the survey doesn’t account for 100+ km/h windstorms, massive forest destruction, city-wide water contamination, one of the bleakest winters ever, tears in stadium roofs and in public pride, real estate prices culminating in the vicinity of Everest’s South Summit (meaning they could get even higher but not much), ferries sinking without the company’s prior approval, massive scars drawn across downtown by the construction of a controversial transit line for equally controversial Olympic Games, the cherished presence of the poorest neighborhood in Canada, and worse of all, the quasi-impossibility to find decent bouillabaisse in town.

Oh well, in the end who am I kidding? They are right, Vancouver rocks, we all know that. It’s an extraordinary metropolis and if its inhabitants tend to complain a little, it’s just for the form. And who doesn’t complain any way?

Speaking of extraordinary places, the title for One of the Seventh New World Wonders is still up for grabs. Initiated 8 years ago, the extensive public voting process – largest to ever take place – has narrowed down the contestants from 70 to 21. Final votes are still being recorded and on the seventh of July, 2007 (07-07-07), the seven winning wonders will be announced in Lisbon, Portugal. While it is too late to enter Vancouver in the race (sigh), there is still time to cast your vote online.

The Eiffel Tower is among the finalists; now if it was up to me, I would’ve suggested le téléphérique de la Dent du Midi and la Fontaine de Vaucluse as possible wonders, but some will say I’m biased… ;-)