Quite busy working these days, "métro, boulot, dodo" has never been more appropriate. So the time and energy to run around shooting like crazy have dropped a touch. I am also working in the background of the main photography web site upgrading all the galleries – which were until now set with a regular 900×500 picture size – for the upcoming full-screen interface. More later.

I have received my spherical pano head from Germany and the first tests were very promising. Parallax should pretty much be a thing of the past. The 7D is going to be put to good use. A single 360×180°spherical or cubic HDR panorama involves 50 pictures to be blended and stitched together. But with better gear now and a bit of practice, I can manage to achieve consistent results in minimal time. That’s on the shooting side of things of course. Processing still takes quite a while.

Be patient, stay tuned. Cheers.