The menu is evolving. Granted, my icon collection is somehow limited and I’m not such a great icon designer myself. I will have to do something about the ones above, though, because they aren’t all really relevant. But this is all happening in stages.

The latest stage, as it is, was two-fold: I created a succinct "Rules Of Conduct and Copyrights" page, linked to from the main menu. It explains my candid expectations in terms of visitor behavior – yes, I allow myself to have some, and so should thee – and covers copyright issues.

Now, to be honest, my first beta tester was Marie and she went: "Uh?"

The second part was a redesign of the site map to make it accessible from the blog without having to go through the main site’s overlay design – rather dark and immersive but out of context, it’s just dark. I found a very clever CSS graphic sitemap layout and tailored it to my needs. The truth is it doesn’t play well with Internet Destroyer Explorer, but I really don’t care any more – and neither do a growing number of web designers. Now, to be honest, my first beta tester was Marie and she went: "Uh?" Oh well, I like it, I guess that’s what matters.

Last but not least, I have finally taken the time to research, understand and implement a CSS "pullquote" feature for my longer posts which showcases a key sentence in a large block as seen above, magazine-style.

Oh, and we went on a very nice expedition all the way to the very northern tip of Manhattan, but that will be covered next. What did you do today?