I’ve implemented (through Cloudflare, but it can be done the good old way) a nifty experimental feature on this blog that allows you to highlight any word or expression in a post and by clicking on the little bubble that appears, get all kinds of useful information about it, starting with the Wikipedia definition if one exists – all in a neat popup window without leaving the blog!

In addition, my normal in-posts links to Wikipedia, Google Maps and many more will now feature a little icon next to the link, which means that the same popup info can be obtained without leaving the blog. I was already achieving that result by opening all in-post links in an overlay window similar to the slideshows, but this is even cooler.

Here are a few examples: this is a link to Table Mountain in Google Maps and here is one on Wikipedia. Just hover your mouse or click on the little icon left of the link and, voilà! Or, if you don’t really know what or where Table Mountain is, highlight the two words by clicking and dragging your mouse; a bubble appears, click on it and tons of useful info is yours. Just click the little popup window when you are done reading.

[Update: well it would seem the Google Maps link isn’t displaying the icon, I’m working on that…]