These shots were taken with the trusty point-and-shoot, hence the silly title to this post. This was unfortunately the only trail run I was able to squeeze in this far, time having been preciously filled with all sorts of things, and rain omnipresent. I mean real rain. Torrential rain. With thunder and lightning and occasional hail. With ponds and swimming pools overflowing. With happy birds and ducks everywhere.

Towards the Constantia Nek

I ran up the green belt into the Cecilia plantation, and up onto the Jeep track that would normally lead me to McClear’s Beacon. But it was late afternoon, the run was straight uphill, my first real trail run in over two years, so I turned around at sunset.

We’re leaving for the Kruger tomorrow at dawn, back in two weeks. Mugashagasha, the Landcruiser, is fully loaded and itching to hit the road. Hope to have lots of cool pictures to work on by then. Ciao.

The view widens
The Jeep Track
Green Belt