This post does not feature an image. Quick update on the revamping of these premises. I have reactivated Ajax loading of the commenting interface. You can now click on “Show Comments” below a post when on the chronological post list view (Most Recent in the menu above) and leave a comment without changing pages, and then keep reading.

I have not had much feedback on usability so far and am hoping that the experience is good for most people. My sister reported serious issues loading the main page on Vista and IE but I have not been able to duplicate those issues. I have so far tested on as many configurations as possible and results are good. However I have now added a simple feedback form that appears as a tab on the right edge of the screen. Please feel free to use it to report any problems or if you have comments.

I will soon add a feature that displays something cool instead of a gray background in a post such as this one without an image.

The mobile version still has a bug so if you are viewing this blog from a tablet and switch to desktop view, you will notice the switch to mobile view button appears on top of the title. Sorry, will get that fixed asap.