For decades, people have walked along the docks on their evening strolls. But the docks are gone. New buildings, waterfront real estate, landfill and even parks have replaced them over the years. Ours became the Brooklyn Bridge Park, a fair trade if I ever saw one. So once in a while, long past sunset, when all cats are grey and shadows rule, Marie and I take a walk along the East River all the way to the bridge and back. Far from being completed, the park is still evolving and each time we find something new. Sometimes, it’s just garbage.

Granted, recycling is a fantastic effort in the right direction. But multiplying the bags below – which are only one building’s – by the number of towers in the skyline across the river, one gets dizzy imagining how much trash we produce…

Manhattan in the fog
Brooklyn Bridge by Fulton Landing
Waterfront Condos Recycling!