Well, our new mayor having publicly added to the hysteria and almost wet his pants as he pretty much implied we were all going to die in the snow storm if we didn’t run for cover, the NYC public transit agency, the mighty MTA, is shutting down all service at 11 pm tonight. If you are trying to go somewhere, you are out of luck. To quote de Blasio’s press release, “… get off the roads, get off the streets, as – get off the sidewalks – as this emergency deepens.” FYI, there are exactly two inches of snow on the terrace right now at 6 pm.

Our state’s governor has banned travel – yes, he has ordered the roads cleared – because we are expecting two, yes two, not ten, feet of snow. The news channels are having an orgy. A prodigy of the 2013 class, Nemo was good for business, but not quite the winner. Then back in 2010, no name was even brought forward for the blizzard, the news probably having having not yet picked up on its commercial value. But even then, I’m not sure we even stopped subway service. Bloomberg and Estorbo were in charge and realistic, for better and worst.

The blizzard of 2010

I just received an email from a long-ago fired real estate agent who still spams me, titled Your Snowpocalypse Survival Guide. She states with a sprinkle of links to her listings: “The mercury is going to stay in the 20s, so your landlord definitely needs to turn on the heat (to at least 68 degrees). If they don’t, here’s how to put on the pressure. And, yes, you can get a break on your rent if it’s bad enough. Your building staff should do the shoveling for you. But get on their good side with a courtesy cup of coffee and, by all means, say thank you!” Clearly, everybody is cashing in on the storm.

Sure, it’s going to snow a heck of a lot. So you prepare, you plan ahead, you warn people, you educate, but you don’t shut down one of largest cities in North America. What a bunch of cowards. New York lawmakers need to go up north and spend some time in Canada a little more often. If Canada was run like this, the country would simply collapse.

I am a bit ashamed to be here, to be part of the collective frenzy, and will walk eight kilometers to work tomorrow if I have to, in support of mother nature. [Sound of stamping feet and opinionated snort]