Marie and I were recently walking around the Big Apple with her mother, visiting from South Africa. This was not a first visit but I always ponder what the visitor could see that I don’t, so this time I logged my camera along, as did Marie.

Here are glimpses of what our guest might have seen, as her eyes drifted hesitantly across the cityscape and her brain must have fought bravely to process such information overload.

It is so easy to start taking our surroundings for granted, thus eroding the precious sixth sense called curiosity. A camera and the desire to see the world through someone else’s eyes are great remedies to that loss.


The most common color in New York
FDNY boat in the New York Harbor
New Jersey from the hotel room
Gourmet coffee truck
Ceiling details at the…
Chelsea Market
Self-evaluation in a display of faceless mannequins
People having coffee on the Hudson
Blue Jersey