Quelques vieilles photos de famille, un peu introspectives, tirées de scans récents d’un album jaunissant. Those were the days.

Yours truly, blond and barefoot, gasping at the mightiness of who I might become one day, somewhere around Saint-Martin-Vésubie, Alpes Maritimes, France
Yours truly again, realizing I could not compete with the utterly cool and photogenic looks of my motherly ride—who happened to go sky-diving at age 81 a few years ago
First school day in Antibes, my adored little sister probably jealous of all the prestige—little did she know she would eventually beat me to a glamourous life in the Caribbean
Early days pondering Life, the Universe and Everything, les ramparts d’Antibes
Much later, both of us proudly fishing in the Port d’Antibes – Yes, that’s my catch, a full inch in length

Vive la France which forever lives in my heart and flows through my veins!