Tuesday 5:00 am. Je pars. ETA at destination, Thursday 9:00 am. Is the world really still such a big place? The short night was agitated and restless. I spent most of it in and out of a dream where a grinning, toothless taxi driver came to pick me up at home and drove me a quarter of a block away to the beach where an old cable-driven river ferry would take me across the ocean. I kept making it as far as the sand with my huge 7 bags and there, an unsympathetic flight attendant refused to place my camera in the overhead bin and wanted to float it next to the boat with the rest of the luggage. I would ask for an upgrade and be told it was 4000 kopeks, which I didn’t have, so I’d wake up and try again… I’m going to have a great trip. ;-) See you all in a month.