Thanks to my amazing powers of observation, I’ve noticed that most visitors to the blog do not care to comment. So I’ve decided to make it easier on them/you by customizing the page with the addition of a simple "View / Hide Comments" button at the bottom of each post. While not essential to the posts, comments become part of the whole experience and add interaction and dialogue to what starts as a very unilateral text. So while I strongly encourage every visitor to comment away, I also wanted anonymous visits to the blog to be as enjoyable as possible, yet complete and informative.

So rather than clicking on the bottom link to add a comment and having to wait for the specific entry’s page to reload, all you now have to do to read comments is click on the button below a post. They will appear instantly without a need for reload, giving you a taste of what people are blabbing about and hopefully encouraging you to do the same, at which point you do need to click on the bottom "Add Comments" link.

How I hate writing manuals. It’s always a challenge to explain simplicity without complicating it.