Those of you having visited since last Friday will have been met by an error message. A catastrophic error was made by someone at my web hosting provider and server data was erased or corrupted beyond repair. Good old Murphy jumped in and it turned out two levels of back-up or redundancy were unusable so they had to restore thousands of customer accounts from the last line of defense, an older, slower server.

What this will do to their business, I cannot say. They are a small outfit, have always been stellar in their customer service and technical assistance and I have nothing but good things to say about them. But the fact remains that businesses have been without a website for close to a week, and that will be unacceptable to some.

In a world of technology, failure happens almost as systematically as success. It’s only a matter of time. It happens at NASA, it happens at Boeing, it happens at Coriolistic Anachronisms. You hope to live and learn. I am going to implement even more redundancy and I’m sure they are frantically doing the same, while still dealing with the crisis. What a nightmare. I wish them the best and will continue to support them.

And as for these premises, I am sorry for the down time but you have not missed much as Marie and I are in the latest stages of packing! Once we have jumped, and settled, there should be more Fall outings and maybe some flying before the season ends.