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Nighttime Through the Eyes of a Cat
May 23, 2005
Light is a subjective value. We wander through our lives selfishly assuming that the universe is actually like we see it. But our eyes are merely giving us a single rendering of its multiple faces. There probably are as many versions of the world as there are species out there able to perceive it (not to mention the fact that we can't even seem to agree upon a single reality within our own species...) Nighttime, for instance, must be completely different seen through t...
Inside the Lighthouse
May 18, 2005
En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil. En mai, fait ce qu'il te plaît. Well, I can't wait to do ce qu'il me plaît, but for the moment, Minnesota is unleashing its worse possible weather on Duluth. This morning at 9:00, it was 43ºF and raining, the lake covered with white caps as always. Hard to believe this is mid-May. But there are still warm places to be found, as the inside of the Split Rock lighthouse below.
Dead Calm and Fury
May 16, 2005
Lake Superior has turned out to be even moodier than I had imagined. The sleeping giant can wake up almost instantly and build itself into a fury that rivals that of much larger oceans. The weather has been extremely cold and wet, way below seasonal average, and I've managed to catch a nasty cold. But the lake keeps calling me over and the camera rarely gets a break; it's as if the inland sea was reminding me with her displays of alternating calm and violence, that water...
The Inner Sea
May 10, 2005
It seems I went from looking out my back porch to the Caribbean Sea, to overlooking the immensity of Lake Superior. The fact that the temperature has dropped by about 50 degrees notwithstanding, the two bodies of water are surprisingly similar in their moods and many changing faces. Here looking out from the balcony of the apartment towards the East, as the sun bravely tries to brake through the clouds and shines on the calm mist still lingering on the surface... ...
Minneapolis Skyline
May 6, 2005
If asked a few months ago what the most unlikely places on Earth for me to visit were, I would have had to answer - not necessarily in that order - The White House, Sting Ray City, a Survivor movie set, Shanghai's Imperial Bowling Alley, and Duluth, Minnesota. Yet here I am in Minneapolis, visiting the largest mall in America and headed north towards Lake Superior. Comme quoi...
Moody technology
May 3, 2005
I must apologize to those of you who visit these premises often enough to have found them temporarily out of service. The web hosting company is going through some changes, upgrading servers and PHP and as everybody knows, such changes are rarely glitch-less. But I can assure you that it is being worked on and we hope to have everything back to normal within the shortest delays. In the meantime, if you find the blog or even the web site unavailable, arm yourself with pa...
History is being written
April 27, 2005
)arrow Today in France, the world's new largest passenger plane, the mighty Airbus A380, completed its maiden four hour long test flight!The giant is 239 ft long, has a 261 ft wingspan, and a height of 79ft! Its two full length wide body decks, 166 ft long and 23 ft wide, framed by 220 windows and 16 doors, will accommodate over 550 passengers in a standard 3-class version and up to 800 in a "Pack'em up like sardines" configuration. At full weight, the plane wi...