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Welcome to the blue planet, Mathieu!
April 26, 2005
)arrow The coconut telegraph still works: I heard Mathieu was born yesterday, April 25th, in Grand Cayman! His parents Sabine and Marc must be in heaven. What an extraordinary development in a fascinating journey! I wish all three of you the best of the best!
From the peaceful suburbs...
April 22, 2005
)arrow Everything considered, time doesn't flow much faster in Beloeil, QC, than in it did in Little Cayman, KY. This moon is rising over Mont St-Hilaire, right across the Richelieu river... R.A.S. (N.T.R.)
Back to the Future
April 13, 2005
"Mon pays, ce n'est pas un pays, c'est le printemps..." It's here. Spring is at our door. Quebec is emerging from under its heavy snowy blanket and liking what it sees. Soon, flowers will bloom and the sun will allow for great paragliding. Now that's what really matters! ;-) I haven't done much in terms of blogging since my departure from Little Cayman, mostly for technical reasons. My laziness is very technical, you see. The laptop it still out for repair, and the d...
Farewell to the Rock - Final part
The time has come. Boxes have been shipped ahead. The Lighthouse Condo #1, once home, sits by the sea, empty and lifeless. Everything has been sold or given away. A few people are still arguing about who gets my silly U.N. helmet. I have retracted into my shell, a protective bubble that insulates me from the insular world which used to flow through my veins. The sea has become a distant element, the reef an abstraction. Dive boats are passing by offshore in a never-endi...
Don't stop the carnival!
March 30, 2005
)arrow M. was stopped on the road near the snorkeling area of Preston Bay by a waving, frantic F. "The sea poisoned me!" he yelled, "The sea poisoned me!" One of his feet was already swelling to unbelievable proportions so M. rushed him to the clinic. It turns out F. had been stung by a sting ray. Three times! He was in such terrible pain that when the nurse told him to put his foot in warm water, he overdid it a little. Now he's got second degree burns...
Farewell to the Rock - Part 5
March 29, 2005
The dice have been thrown. I am officially homeless and unemployed. Scary void, extraordinary freedom. I have music playing very loud, shielding me from the unforgiving world out there with a blanket of sounds and lyrics, for a while longer. People smile and stare, my journey has become strange to them for they are unwilling to lower their own guard and must keep up with the pointless race, day after day. C'est chacun pour soi et dieu pour tous, après tout. Hours pas...
A little aviation humour
March 25, 2005
I'm not pro-military, and I love aviation. The following belong to both categories, to be smiled at, nothing else... "Basic Flying Rules: Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly there." "When one engine fails on a twin-engine airplane you always have enough power left to get you to the scene o...
The Bloody Bay Wall Daily Classified
March 20, 2005
Handsome male seahorse, works as seaman, still quite seaworthy, multiple bands, very long snout, loves music ("I've been through the desert on a seahorse with no name..."), never seasick, seack sense of humour, lives in prime Bloody Bay location with view down the Drop Off, unafraid of giant divers, will carry offsprings, seaks attractive female seahorse with seamilar qualities to share seafood and seaweed, admire the seascape, take short nocturnal rides on the seaway lo...
Daily snapshots
March 20, 2005
A Jewfish, recently renamed Goliath Grouper (!?), sits under a black light at the popular Dancing Minnow night club ;-)The end of winter brings tormented weather, but tonight the seas settle down on Bloody Bay.West Indies Whistling Ducks doing Tai Chi at sunset on the Booby Pond.
Geoloc summary
March 20, 2005
)arrow Our world is a small place! The internet has definitely erased borders and shrunk distances. Here is a summary of the international visits this web site has received since the Geoloc feature was implemented:(Let's keep in mind that every time I log in for maintenance and posts, I register a hit which most of the time shows me as being in the States, for some weird reason, hence the much higher count for that country)United States - 1332 Canada - 188 ...