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Cape Dwarf Chameleon found!
January 22, 2010

After two years of patient hopes and a few bursts of frantic investigation, we have finally found the lost family track of the Cape Dwarf Chameleon, endangered specie as per CITES. They had disappeared from Maureen's Constantia garden years ago but sightings were still being reported by various friends of ours in the greater Cape Town, so we set out on yet another survey of the green belt, a long path of nature right behind the house. The dogs were happily running around. Casually, Marie headed towards a tree, stood...

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Sweet South African Birds
April 12, 2020

The Western Cape is home to amazingly colorful birds, both in character and plumage. These were seen earlier this year in the Constantia garden and nearby Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Just as we name any garden chameleon Meeleon, any male Whydah is called Charlie. We don't like him much as he bosses everyone around like an overzealous Bobby on a London street. But maybe we should empathize with his burden of carrying such a tail around... Charlie The swees jump up to a grass strand that would otherwise not...

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Two Worlds
January 10, 2019

High and low, near and far, micro and macro, slow and fast, grounded and aloft, threatened and free, orange and green, these opposites illustrate the complex tangle of our present lives. The Cape dwarf chameleon was stunningly photographed by Marie this morning in the luxuriant Constantia garden. I extracted the paraglider frame from an airborne video I shot late last year. Suddenly I realize why, out of all the color combinations available for the Iota 2 canopy model, I chose this one! Two worlds - Chameleon photo by...

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‘Twas Another Night Before Christmas…
December 24, 2016

Exactly one year ago, I went on a New York Christmas Eve run in shorts and a t-shirt, and sweated! Today I decided to make this a ritual, whenever possible, and chose the same route. It was not nearly as warm, but after a rainy and grey morning, the sky had cleaned up nicely and the air was nice and cool, around 8°C - I actually could have done shorts. North Cove Marina, Manhattan Here are a few phone snapshots, taken to document the date more than anything else, and occupy my mind while Marie is posting charming...

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The Quest for Meeleon
September 15, 2016

It's a long love story. Back in 2008, upon my first visit to South Africa and after hearing from various Cape Town informants that elusive chameleons were possibly to be found nearby, I set out on a quest to seek out new life and new reptile civilization, to boldly go find what I had never found before. Unknown to me, I had begun the unlikely search for Meeleon. After much staring at bushes under the quizzical looks of dog-walkers who could not understand why I seemingly ignored the two good looking corgis that...

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May 30, 2016

A few months ago, while a moody winter hiccuped erratically across the Eastern Seaboard, I blew the proverbial fuse and blasted off our Brooklyn island and unto uncharted territory at the wheel of a Zipcar. Poor Marie was tied up to her computer by aggressively lively deadlines, and I just had to see the world. Any world. Fast. Willingly lured by the artistically carved, delicately etched and forever lacquered and polished memories of my dear tropics, I was weak and went south. Well, southeast, as it turned out, since I...

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