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The Great Hudson Escape - Part I, Rise
October 23, 2012

In a daring attempt to tear New England and the Canadian Atlantic Provinces off from the bulk of our North American continent, the Hudson River is born in the New York Harbor at the bottom of Long Island and immediately leaves New Jersey behind, slicing her way due north through a self-named valley and into the Adirondack mountains, in a mad dash towards the Champlain Lake and Saint Lawrence River. It will not succeed any time soon. Our continent spent millions of years face-lifting itself and is not yet willing to let...

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Digging Through Old Raw Memories
June 26, 2012

I was recently sorting out images for non-blog-related purposes and spent a whole day flipping through the virtual pages of my meticulously archived pictures, month after month of year after year... The following were dug out RAW of dusty folders and re-developed with the much improved algorithms of Lightroom 4, which I adore. They are never-before-seen images, at least in their current rendering. It's interesting to see how, while the pixels remain unchanged, vision and technique evolve with time... As always,...

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Of a Day Long Gone, and Ever so Present
January 24, 2012

Once in a while, blog posts become self-centric. I apologize. Writing a blog is often akin to talking out loud, to one's self. The date was January 24th, 2008. "It was a lovely day of breaking the rules, of throwing preconceived ideas into the wind, of going back to the source, of shaving the unnecessary, of looking deep inside instead of out, of holding a single hand rather than many, of spending time with angels, of walking barefoot when shoes are in order, of wearing jeans because they feel good, of eating with...

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And a Happy New Year...
January 1, 2012

While my dear Marie was waking half a world away to the sounds of birds chirping in a beautiful garden finally re-adopted by Cape Dwarf Chameleons, I made a split second decision to finish the year the popular way and ran out the door with my camera to go see the Prospect Park New Year's fireworks. Having found a spot away from the crowds on the eastern flank of the Great Lawn, I setup the tripod and aimed my wide angle lens nearly upward, as the shooting gallery had been set on the grass only a couple of hundred feet...

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Birds 'n Things
January 7, 2011

Finally, a Cape dwarf chameleon caught in act of having dinner! Or at the very least, chewing it up.As for this exclusively African bird, he's a Pin-tailed Whydah, vocal and territorial. He reminds me of my youth's Wattoo-Wattoo, a super-bird cartoon that played in France in the late...

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