Here’s a full 360° panoramic shot of the Rockport harbour around which we just spent a delicious week. More photos and a short story to come soon. For now, as always with these new panoramic shots, please click on the « full screen » icon at the bottom right of the viewer’s Menu and then click and drag the mouse to pan and explore the image.

This was shot in HDR to compensate for strong shadows and highlights in the middle of the day. The stitch isn’t perfect, I’ll have to work on it further – and the shoot was expedited because of too many tourists walking in and out of the scene. 48 shots were involved in total. Rockport surely is a beautiful little town. Some of its peace and ocean rhythms still flow in my blood. For a while.

Update: Oh, I forgot the most important part! Let’s play “find Marie.” The winner wins a… mention on Coriolistic Anachronisms, the coolest, photographiest, laziest, bizarrest, most irregular and yet hopefully most randomly and occasionally entertaining blog around… ;-)


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