While the option for the visitor (you!) to change this blog’s skin remains, said visitor (still you) might have noticed that I’ve pushed the drop-down box that allows this all the way down to the bottom of the right sidebar. In effect, this means I will soon commit the current template as my standard – and only – look for this blog. (I’d be happy to keep alternate skins but it means that every time I make a change to this template’s functionality, I have to multiply the work times the number of available templates. Tiring.)

Speaking of which, you might also have noticed the disappearance of the upper right "Welcome" box. It was too flashy and distracting for my taste. In comes the unobstrusive Menu. Located at the top the way it used to be eons ago, it loads in a semi-open state and once activated, the option remains to collapse it with a simple hover of the "Toggle Menu". Hope this will be helpful. The basic info that inhabited the "Welcome" side box has migrated to the Menu.

That’s all for now. Just playing with my toys attempting to grant you the best possible experience while you’re here.

Update: The skin is now final, other choices removed.