Sunday was almost day for day the anniversary of my first cranberry harvest  photo shot. I had gone last year for the first time on October 8th or 9th, and came back with mesmerizing pictures – and the firm resolution to do it again the following year, which I just did.

Richmond is the local cranberry capital. The fruits are harvested from flooded fields (or bogs) that temporarily turn the typically blue and green scenery of British Columbia into a symphony of reds. I had rented a car for the occasion and went driving around, Abe and the tripod at the ready, shooting right and left, happy as a kid in a candy store, or as a Vince in Brooklyn. ;-)

 It turns out I might have been a little late. Most farms had already finished their harvest and the fields had dried up, revealing low reddish bushes still shinning from all the water they had been submerged under.

But I finally managed to find a harvest still under way on Cambie, the main artery of the cranberry production zone. The whole family was at work  and they told me a bog like this one normally takes about 5 hours to harvest, plus the time to float the berries. Today they were struggling with mechanical issues and a water leak that had sent berries floating down a ditch. But it looked fun. Even the dog enjoyed it.

Here are the pictures. No HDR involved, there was no time to plan. Some beautiful reds, though. It’s not quite orange but in BC, one learns not to be too picky…