Today, 11th of November, was Canada’s Remembrance Day. People wore red poppies. Why? Because. Because others do it. Because it’s fashionable. Because it’s a way of saying “Look, I am a special sheep among ordinary sheep.” But who cared, really? Did the papers make a big fuss about war? The radio? The news? Were there any manifestations? Maybe, I just didn’t notice them. Nothing in my ride through the city screamed at me about the atrocities of war. Nobody mentionned them. People shopped, and drank coffee, and laughed, and I did too. We live in a hypocritical world. We ignore what is too hard to face. And then we go watch movies about it.

I was initially going to post war pictures along with this text. I decided against it. I don’t want this blog to become morbid and be linked to because of war. The pictures are gruesome. They are probably heavily censored by the authorities involved but manage to emerge nonetheless. At this very moment, people are fighting somewhere and innocents are dying. Innocents always die. We must get rid of the monsters waging those wars once and for all. Otherwise we are nothing, as a race, but animals.