The ominous web site crisis seems ongoing. I have found the entry point – or rather the target – of some evil Sith attacker, but not the method. I will do my best to keep the site clean by watching everything carefully on a daily basis but if you, the reader, ever get a warning or signs of malicious activity (in our case mostly redirects to suspicious sites), I’d appreciate feedback. And always, always use up-to-date browsers (and their better security), anti-virus software and common sense!

Then, mea culpa, I haven’t posted much since I left Vancouver. I have attenuating circumstances, mind you; I just didn’t intend to. Don’t fear; if I ever snap out of my web-security-induced morose state of mind, the trip should act like a stone into a pond, its ripples bouncing endlessly long after our planes have finally touched down home, and hopefully blooming into as many posts and pictures. The pictures already exist. The posts don’t.

In the meantime, here is a short teaser featuring some photos, 22 out of the thousands taken. Marie and I left Cape Town on Jan 10th and came back on the 23rd, having driven close to 5000 km – about one third of which was on dirt roads. We crossed the South African border into Namibia, pushed on north as far as the Namib Desert, then traveled eastbound back into South Africa and visited the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park and its 40° C in the shade. A fantastic and often breathtaking trip.

Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage. For now, imagine being hundreds of miles away from any trace of civilization, feel the sizzling heat come down on the landscape and slow life to a halt, limit the notion of water to that which you carry with you, picture a world sandwiched between immense sky and endless dryness, remember the most incredible silence you ever noticed and multiply it by 10, promote in your mind the shade of a small tree to the status of oasis, and believe that even in all this emptiness, there will be life. You are now in Southern Africa.

«Roasted in the Namib» Series

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