Serendipity isn’t only a fancy theory about coincidences and unexpected discoveries; it’s also more than just a cute movie with the great John Cusack and the gorgeous pre-Underworld Kate Beckinsale – soon to be Selene; to me and a growing number of people, Serendipity is simply the most awesome weblog software out there.

Even though it hasn’t even reached version 1.0 yet (the current official release being v.0.9.1, but v.1.0-beta2 is already available), the software has been around long enough to have matured and has proven to be tough, reliable, extremely stable and loaded with great features.

I was lucky enough to choose it when I started blogging and it’s been with me ever since. In addition to being free, easy to install and highly customizable, Serendipity (or sy9 as we call it) is being developed and supported by a bunch of extremely nice people.

Among them, mighty Garvin Hicking, core developer, has managed to get me out of trouble more than once with his extremely accurate comments and explanations, via the convenient Serendipity Forums.

Carl Galloway was the winner of the Serendipity Theme Contest and as such has joined the ranks of people working very hard towards the completion of pending version 1.0 (which will come with a new look: redesigned web site and new logo). His template will become a standard feature of the upcoming release.

Carl had a very nice comment about Coriolistic Anachronisms in his own blog under a post titled Some of the best looking Serendipity blogs. Thank you Carl, it’s much appreciated and an honor coming from you!

Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to the new version of s9y!